What people are saying about this book

• "I think it is brilliant! Great job! It has a very pleasant easy-to-read style and is super concise, yet contains so much valuable information. It is well laid out and organized. The tidbits of history and information about other cultures were very interesting and a nice inclusion." 
Elayne Angel ~ Author of "The Piercing Bible" 

• "I enjoyed reading this book and learned from it. Jim blends wit with wisdom - an irresistable combination. I like the way the information was laid out and delivered in a concise manner. Highly recommended." ~ Sheryl Slackta

• "I feel better  after having read it."  Jacques Freydont ~ Author of  "The Martian Tragedy" ​

• "A beautiful book filled with wisdom, compassion, and love. It’s power lays in distilling the complexity of solving the worlds problems into the simplest, achievable, and most realistic solution. Readers will feel a sense of comfort and empowerment. Evolution is already happening, and here we find guidance in how we as individuals can become aligned with unity and global harmony. This book delivers what its title promises. If each of us does our small bit, we can make the ultimate dream a reality."
Karl Jeffery ~ Author of "Get Them Reading"​​

​• "I think it's great!  It's easy to read, gets to the point, is very informative and concise." ~ Barbara Parker